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Italian dinner


There is always a new parting. In the end of January also Pierluigi will leave. For him was no more university stuff to do since December. So he came just back from Italy to see more of Stockholm. So on Wednesday we had an Italian dinner where he cooked for his friends. So the later […]

Since January 11th we started eating the ginger bread house. Actually I am benefitting that my nice mates are such good bakers. But what I did not know until some days ago is, that the caramel glue mass includes a melted plastic spoon. So I resisted all the stories about the masses of dust on […]

Italian Pizza


Yesterday I started a mass with yeast, but it took too much time for the mass to grow enough. So the mass had to wait in the fridge. The ingredients for the mass are: 350g wheat fluor 180g water 20g dry yeast 10g salt 20g olive oil and a pinch sugar (just as food for […]

The most important event of the weekend at my corridor was the international dinner. Nearly everybody of my 14 mates joined it and everybody cooked or baked special food from his/her country: Tortilla chips with Guacamole (an avocado dip) (Mexico), paprika filled with rice (Greece), Lasagne á la Bolognese (Italy), Potatispannkakor med körsbär (Sweden), Chicken […]

Today at lunch time, after math, I decided to got to Östermalm to find a discounter. In the orientation week they told us some names of cheap supermarkets. So I remembered Willy‘s and today I had a look at it. Instead of a discounter I found this. Actually this market hall “Saluhall” is a place […]

Today I do some advertising: If you would like to come to Bremen and do like to make a bicycle tour to the Blockland, which lies in the lovely green flat country and is nerved by some rivulets, you should visit the ice cream parlour there, which makes the best ice cream in the world! […]