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The first half of my stuff has been moved to my parents now. I actually do have a lot of things and also a lot of things I do not need no more. Tomorrow I will get my new glasses and the old one will be repaired. My old glasses are actually from 2003 and […]

Jag har göra min mundliga prov i svenska. Fint! In the last week I did my written test quiet well. My teacher didn’t write me an email and therefor I knew that the test was OK and I am allowed to take part in the oral exam. In the oral exam we talked with a […]

This Article is only in German for reason that literature discussing apacite is still very seldom. Damit folgendes nicht passiert (mal abgesehen davon, dass ich Zitieren mit Fußnoten doof finde): „[…] ein Werk seines Doktorvaters, das [Althusmann] in einer Fußnote aufführe, fehle im Verzeichnis.“, sollte man beim texen (gesprochen: techen) von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten BibTeX zum […]

I just booked my flight to Stockholm with Ryanair. The flight costs 4,99€ itself. And this is the calculation: *********4.99 EUR Flugpreis *********0.00 EUR Steuern, Gebühren & Entgelte *********6.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Online check-In Gebühren ********30.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Aufgegebenes Gepäck *********6.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Administrationsgebühr ********46.99 EUR GESAMTBETRAG 46,99€ + 16€ = 62,99€ to get to Stockholm, […]

Vad roligt! I wrote my first text in swedish. It is about “min stad” (my town). Actually it is not corrected at the moment. But I send it to my lecturer via email. So I have a copy for you guys! And for those ones who are interested in LaTeX – I did it in […]