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Under the week we decided to go to Uppsala on the weekend, on Saturday. The articles at Wikipedia about Uppsala helped me to find out the most about interesting places there. On our schedule were… the Domkyrkan, which is the highest church of Scandinavia. Uppsala was in general formed by its catholic past until the […]

At Kiruna is a lot of snow at the moment. Not meters but something like 20cm. This is the same mass of snow that you were able to find at Herford in Germany last year. So it felt in away a little like home, too. Kiruna is a mining city. On the top of the […]

In these days I am very busy with my acceptance of the bible. Today I decided for myself to resign from the church. The only problem is that I have to do this at Bremen. I have the best reasons for that. At least I am pretty sure that non-private religions and democracies are incompatible […]