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During my studies abroad I was asked about how the clubs are at Germany. So I told some of my experiences. Here the two situations in short. I have a friend with a south european passport. He does not look scary and perhaps a little bit like a nerd. Everytime we wanted to get together […]

Today is the anniversary of the foundation of Guantanamo Bay detention camp (map). In comparison to September 11th of the last year there are no headlines about this unedifying date. The huge terroristic act is kept in the minds. The media are conserving the death of lots of people – around the injustice to several […]

Great! A conversation of two Facebook users.

Today I talked with my Italian mate about the response of the stock markets to Berlusconi’s resignation. He wondered that the stock markets did not respond in a better way as they did. In my opinion stock markets very often seperate from the real economy. Because of bets… and else. And then there came an […]



Blogger Felix von Leitner, Frank Rieger und Mitherausgeber der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung Frank Schirrmacher haben zusammen eine Radio Sendung (bzw. podcast) gemacht, die sehr interessant ist: Alternativlos, Folge 20 Gemeinsam analysieren die drei das aktuelle Politgeschehen vor dem Hintergrund der Kapitalismuskrise und der Staatstrojaneraffäre. Die Sendung dauert ein wenig mehr als zwei Stunden. (Sorry, the […]

Accidentally I found  this blog. And there are some statistics about Vattenfall, the Swedish energy generation company: Av Vattenfalls el- och värmeproduktion i Europa kommer – 24 procent från vattenkraft – 28 procent kärnkraft – 47 procent från fossila bränslen?? – 1 procent från vindkraft. Wikipedia even says the same. Vattenfall means waterfall. This is […]

I did my best! I tried it! I searched for a service which offers garbage mobile numbers. No success. Remark: I tried to register at Facebook completely anonym. Actually I am now registered, but I do not have a mobile number to activate my account. Update: The same with Google. I just registered, but they […]

Facebook seems to become dangerous for freedom on earth now. They are making contracts with cellular mobile telephony providers to offer a for free. Source: Fefe

In these days I am very busy with my acceptance of the bible. Today I decided for myself to resign from the church. The only problem is that I have to do this at Bremen. I have the best reasons for that. At least I am pretty sure that non-private religions and democracies are incompatible […]

I always get such a Chinese newspaper from the pretenant of my room. At my arrival my mailbox was done by a non-IT DDOS attack – completely full. The newspapers already came out of it. I asked my mates whether my pretenant could be interested into the papers. But she already got their newspapers to […]