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Yesterday we had our 3rd dinner together (the 2nd was our Christmas dinner). I did not feel in the mood for cooking and it was still the same about finding a recipe. I just thought “perhaps something with spinach”. Ouaffa had already some bunches of spinach and wanted to do also spinach. She really likes […]

Italian dinner


There is always a new parting. In the end of January also Pierluigi will leave. For him was no more university stuff to do since December. So he came just back from Italy to see more of Stockholm. So on Wednesday we had an Italian dinner where he cooked for his friends. So the later […]

A new great opportunity to see auroras: I just read that a sunstorm, which was errupted last week, will hit us on Tuesday. They say that it is the strongest geomagnetical storm since the last six years. (Here is the German source) Here is some stuff related to this event: Pictures from the NASA about […]



I have a Facebook account since a few weeks. (I do not use a FACE-profile-picture and do use a east european email address.) Then four days ago I was not able anymore to login to my profile. They told me that there was no account belonging to my email address. So, Facebook blocked my account. […]

Since January 11th we started eating the ginger bread house. Actually I am benefitting that my nice mates are such good bakers. But what I did not know until some days ago is, that the caramel glue mass includes a melted plastic spoon. So I resisted all the stories about the masses of dust on […]

Under the week we decided to go to Uppsala on the weekend, on Saturday. The articles at Wikipedia about Uppsala helped me to find out the most about interesting places there. On our schedule were… the Domkyrkan, which is the highest church of Scandinavia. Uppsala was in general formed by its catholic past until the […]

It is quiet a long time ago that I mentioned that it is allowed to camp everywhere at Sweden. Now after they let me know that they will come and wake you, since you are going to sleep at the university buildings, I have something else for you (from my archive) that is not allowed: […]

At Lappis some things are different. For example the heaters at the bathrooms.

While watching nice youtube videos, I found this: Any ideas? This is an Forskarbacken insider, so don’t worry since you are clueless. ūüėČ

After again somebody invited me to bible discussions and some people asked me for the way to the computer hall, toilets etc, this happened: Another guy interrupted me while reading. He was angered about something and talked to me in Swedish. I did not understand anything and therefor asked him to speak in English to […]