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Oh there is still something to tell from Sweden. Besides my trip to Solna, Akalla and Kista – some suburbs of Stockholm or still districts of it – I was also with my study mate to Globen ( Globen is an arena with the shape of a sphere. It is actually the biggest spheric building […]

Mein Pflichtbericht über mein Auslandssemester ist nun fertig. Ich habe mich bemüht informativ zu schreiben, also mit möglichst vielen Tipps, und gezielt Bullshit einzustreuen. Und natürlich ein persönlicher Schluss. Vorgabe seien drei Seiten, hörte ich. Bei mir sind es jetzt wohl mehr geworden. Es ist zwar kein Glanzstück, aber vielleicht doch interessant. Erfahrungsbericht English: Since […]

Back to Bremen


Welcome from o2 Germany! To get help from your Customer Care – dial 200 as you do at home. Have a nice stay in Germany! (Welcome SMS on my Swedish SIM) Skavsta looked pretty much like I left it in December (Leaving Sweden). Since more than a month the snow at Stockholm was constant on […]

Here are my recordings of the todays screaming at Lappis. My favourite is the guy in the end who screams “too laaaaaaaate”. Referring to this post.

Corridor nomad


If you are moving from room to room in your corridor, there are things to sense which are not noticed before. Actually I had the room with a door handle which is different from all the other in the corridor. When I moved in to Pierluigi I moved from an north windowed room to a […]

The moving


I am just arriving at my new room. Oh – actually it ist not my room, but Pierluigi’s. But I left my room, which I have since I am here at Stockholm. So today I was cleaning, washing and packing my suitcase and bags. After some days I will probably move to Rebecca’s room. She […]

I have to leave my room at Lappis until January 15th. But I still got some exams in the end of January. Therefor today I have been at the International Office and wanted to extend my rental contract. It was the very first day of the new employee of the responsable for housing. The employee […]

It is Winter at Stockholm, but it is not as you would expect from Winters at Stockholm: The days before christmas it was rather rainy than snowy. In the higher regions there was snow – in the center it just rained. This year the Winter seems to be unusual mild. In the common Stockholm Winters […]

At the moment there is an exhibition with pictures from Nick Brandt at the Fotografiska museet (also called “The Swedish Museum of Photography”) at Stockholm until January 8. It is called “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls”. Nick Brandt intends to portrait animals in a very personal way. Basically he is much more focussed on […]

Stockholms jul


You should expect that it snows at Sweden quiet a lot. I heard from some people who are origined at Stockholm that it would be going to become so cold that the archipelago’s surface will be frozen. But in the first week of December it was just snowing a little bit. At Kungsträdgården there had […]