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Hm. Interesting… this is something I waited for (black humor): The German Interior Minister means that everybody should bear his identity in the internet. In the context of the murderer of Norway he says something like: “We have more and more people who want to be isolated from their social environment and only want to […]

At the weekend I have been at the KoMa (Konferenz der deutschsprachigen Mathematikfachschaften) to discuss with other maths students about the study at our universities. This semester it was at the Universität Heidelberg. The conference is always organised by the student representatives of the maths faculties of the universities. And the next time it will […]

OHB Systems, das ist ein Bremer Unternehmen, das Satelliten baut und wohl früher hauptsächlich mit (eindeutigen) Rüstungsaufträgen sein Geld verdient hat. Nun möchte dieser Konzern eine Professur “Raumfahrttechnologie”, welche sich mit Grundlagenforschung beschäftigen soll, für die nächsten 10 Jahre finanzieren (was u. a. natürlich auch recht kurz ist und ggf. von der Uni weiter finanziert […]

Today I have been five minutes at the kitchen while my lovely flat share mate was cooking and watching arte. And there was this guy, Stephane Hessel, I did know from the German talk show “Beckmann” where he was a guest together with Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the Wikileaks co-founder. And now he was saying: “Widerstand ist […]

At the last election at Bremen I have been electoral assistant. My experiences are, elsewise as it is reported in the established press, that it is dubious for me how someone could say that Germany is a showpiece of a democracy. My reasons to think so are: Each elector gets an advice for the election. […]

Shit! This country (Germany) is damned to crash! Like Alexander Dill (2010) says „80% der Vermögen liegen in Haushalten mit einem monatlichen Nettomonatseinkommen von über 4.500 Euro.“ (Translating: 80% of the wealth in Germany belongs to households with an after tax income of 4,500€. ) You should know that at Germany people with an income […]