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It is probably well-known that I like open source. Since some months I spend a lot of my free time by editing the Open Street Map (OSM). I would like to introduce you to this project, which will come across everybody’s future as Wikipedia did.

OSM is an open source project which’s goal is to provide a map of the whole globe and as Wikipedia does, it invites everybody to contribute new data under a creative commons license. Analog to the Wikipedia you can create a profile, edit the map, observe map sections, read the history, write blog posts and some stuff more. Things which are necessary for every open source project.

The power of the map is not that obvious. Maybe the map looks nice or maybe not that nice as Google’s map looks like. Just imagine that everybody is allowed to create his custom map from the OSM data: An historical map of the town you are currently visiting or a map where you can find every important information just. Of course there are already maps at the website of OSM. For example the cycle or traffic maps. But there are also smartphone apps like OsmAnd (open source) which enables you to check for the next café, ATM or just a toilet.

But there are also some amazing projects like the Isometric 3D maps project or the OSM tool Nominatim. Or the routing service “Open Route Service” of the University of Heidelberg.

You will easyly find much more interesting applications of the Data by searching the internet. Just put “osm” into your request.

And to finish this blogging day I send some sweet regards to… klick!

Bentheimer Schweine

Bentheimer Schweine. Regards to the Bentheimer pigs at the Bürgerpark at Bremen.


Update:  There is also a nice public transport map made by OSM data, unfortunately only in German.


Update: It’s Christmastime, soon. There is also a Christmas map (in German):

Update: Wow, this ia a beautiful map:

Update: The ultimate map with links, opening hours – as far as they are mapped – but the most important: Links to the linked pages. Cheers!


Hej! I was searching some time for a topic to blog about, but I was tired of writing nerdy stuff. And I have so much of that.

First subtenant

First subtenant. Recognized? A creepy spider subtenant on the back and for a minute unable to get back on the feed again. It was finally thrown out of the window.

I have a new flat. Since two weeks I live somewhere else at Bremen: At Findorff. My new quarter consists of those for Bremen typical terraces such that you are going to lose your sense of orientation because of the similarity of the buildings.

Google Streetview at Findorff - Bremen

Google Streetview at Findorff – Bremen

A new flat always means new lamps. I implemented my plans of creating a lamp with a canvas. I have seen those at Stockholm and liked the idea of a painting on the ceiling. Hence I engaged a painter and voilá:

Lamp painting

Lamp painting. The seize of the canvas is round a half square meter big. You can call the artwork “untitled”.

And because the artist still had some time left. He was asked to paint two additional windows:

Turquoise windows

Turquoise windows. For postcards! The left is goin’ to be mine. In the front of the picture you can see the top of a chair pyramid.

And finally everything has to come to an ending: The lamp on the ceiling and the postcards on the postcard wall.

New view

New view. The new lamp and the postcard walls.

If you are going to travel to a special place and may waste a thought on me – write me a postcard! Such as my amazing mates from Stockholm did it!

Awesome mates

Awesome mates. Thanks to you guys who remember that postcard! You are still the wallpaper of Greg!

During this weekend I have been at the summer festival at Vorstraße, my second home at Bremen. It is a student music festival organised by students with a lot of Bratwürste, steaks and beer, of course. It is on Friday and Saturday on one weekend in the summer every year since 1977.

The later it was the more people joined the festival – espacially after the European Football Championship games finished.

Here are some pictures (unfortunately without the weedhead and mushroomhead’s tent):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a lot of fun. I hope to see you next year there!


I am a little late – last week there was the jubilee of the town hall of Bremen. Due to this event there were some guided tours offered for free. I joined one of them and here are the pictures:

Here is a picture of the Güldenkammer.

Some references are not available in English.


There is a solar eclipse today, Wednesday June 6th, 2012.

Since you are noticing that it is dimming you are perhaps behind a telescope while watching the sun, wearing those spacial glasses or you may be watching this (the NASA live stream about the Venus transit)
Video streaming by Ustream

… otherwise this has nothing to do with this solar eclipse. Perhaps ask your doctor!

Diaspora wird zu einer Sozialennetzwerkbasis. Von dort aus kann man twittern, tumblrn und Facebookfreunde informieren – aber nur was man möchte, alles andere bleibt in der Diaspora.

Überhaupt ist die Diaspora in den letzten Monaten wirklich enorm verbessert worden.

Inzwischen funktioniert die Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen Diaspora Servern. Außerdem kann man auf den meisten pods (so heißen server auf denen Diaspora betrieben wird) bereits die Diaspora Adresse als E-Mailadresse benutzen.

Aber wie macht man nun Diaspora zu einer Sozialennetzwerkbasis?

Mittels eines Dienstes bei Diaspora kann man seinen Diaspora Account zum Beispiel mit Facebook verbinden. Diesen Schritt kann man direkt nach dem Login in den Diaspora Account per Klick auf das Facebooksymbol (oder über Einstellungen) vornehmen.

In den Einstellungen über Dienste kann man die Verbindung zu Facebook auch wieder löschen.

Der Funktionsumfang in Kürze:

  • Status posts (wie bei üblichen Anwedungen in Facebook)
  • Nur Text (keine Bilder) zu Facebook übermittelbar (derzeit)
  • keine Kommentare und Likes von Facebook bei Diaspora einsehbar
  • keine Kommentare und Likes von Diaspora bei Facebook einsehbar
  • Fehlende Namen, Beschreibung und Profilbild bei Diaspora wird von Facebook importiert
  • Bei Facebook kann entschieden werden, wem Diaspora Posts angezeigt werden
  • Mitteilungen können per Aktivierung eines Facebookbuttons (neben dem Teilenbutton) bei Facebook gepostet werden

Also, worauf wartest du noch und melde dich an!

I found the invisible hand! It is here at Bremen – still alive included in art – a painting! But it looks much more scary than the original one.


The Invisible Hand at the University of the arts at Bremen. The artist is unknown to me.

Regards from the invisible hand.

Seeding radish


It is spring, so the seeding time is starting and the dreams of seeding stuff in my room are blooming. Because my ex-mate and biology student had to receive a birthday present we had to arrange something. Those girls are always happy with some seeds and potting soil. Or just seeds.

Because no one of my mates arranged free time to join me, I went on my own.

Taking the tram to the next hardware store – this time no IT. After some minutes I got lost there with always new raising ideas from all the shelves to the left and right. After I had the present, I started buying for myself. Standing for hours in front of the shelf with the seeds, I was also able to observe an attempt to use the reciprocity rule: A sales assistant gave a small four years old boy with his father a 3 litres bag of potting soil as a gift. Unfortunately I did not get anything.

After paying the 40 and 20 litres bags of potting soil, plant containers and all the other stuff I bought, I put the most into my huge rucksack and tried to reach the next tram in the rain free gap (the Pierluigi version: in the snow free gap). So I started running when I saw the tram while I was carrying my 40 litres bag of potting soil. It must have been impressive: Some girls were conspicuously looking at me, talking to each other, smiling at me and the glances were following me. Since you plan to get the attention of an attractive female biology student, you mathematicians could grab some heavy potting soil, seeds and plant containers though. And use the engagement of the physical attractiveness rule. You just have to be shaved and being cultivated perhaps – but not necessarily. And appear with all the stuff in front of the biologist’s door.

So this is now the place where my green stuff will boost soon. And after a month I should be able to harvest the radish and seed some other stuff. There will be also some herbs which are already bought.

Update: Since I will have my plants soon, I do not need to open my windows anymore! What a great advantage. 😛

Update: Now the radish has sprouted after 3 days.

Tatort is a famous German crime scene which is running since 1970 and playing in Swiss, Austria and Germany. I did not find any subtitles for the newer series until now. (Since you know about subtitles (in English, German or French) I would appreciate some response though.) I am describing here how to download the current series fom the stream. The stream is for non Germans just available via proxy servers.

As you have already probably heared: Whatever media you are receiving e.g. videos, pictures, music, sound or text. You will be able to copy it like using a cassette tape recorder, taking screenshots or using »CTRL + C«. It is sheer possible to do so. Nothing can stop us and them.

Accidentally while searching for some old series I found now a bash script I was searching for some time ago. It is working on linux and is downloading the movie very comfortable. For linux users it is nevertheless a workaround for the suboptimal flash player.

At first you will have to install rtmpdump and curl (your distribution includes them probably) on your system. The essential script can be used via typing

./ “”

I am citing the content of the script file here, but you can download the file from the source, too and much easier.

URL=$(echo -e “$1” | grep “^http”)

#RTMPDUMPOPTS+=” –resume”
#RTMPDUMPOPTS+=” –quiet”

if test -z “$URL” ; then
echo -e “Error: missing or invalid parameters\n\nUsage:\n $0 <ARDmediathek-URL> [out-file]\nThe deafult out-file name is ./format<ard-uid>.f4v\n\nExample:\n $0 \”\”\n” >&2;
exit 1

echo -en “curl \”$URL\” ..”
RTMPURLS=$(curl -s “$URL” | grep -i rtmp)

if test -z “$RTMPURLS” ; then
echo  -e “\nError: no ‘rtmp://’ URLs were found on the given Page.\n”
exit 1;

COUNT=$(echo -e “$RTMPURLS” | wc -l)
echo -e ” ..found $COUNT RTMP URL(s).”

echo -e “$(sed ‘y/+/ /; s/%/\\x/g’)”

FLASH=$(echo “$RTMPURLS” | grep flashvars | tail -n1)
if test -n “$FLASH”; then

RTMPURL=$(echo -ne “$FLASH” \
| sed ‘s/^.*streamer=\([^&]*\)&.*$/\1/g’ \
| urldecode)
PLAYPATH=$(echo -ne “$FLASH” \
| sed ‘s/^.*file=\([^&]*\)&.*$/\1/g’ \
| urldecode)
#echo “RTMP: $RTMPURL”


# try high-qualty first
PARAM=$(echo “$RTMPURLS” | grep Web-L)
# fall-back to medium-qualty
if test -z “$PARAM”; then
PARAM=$(echo “$RTMPURLS” | grep Web-M)
# 2nd fall-back: use any rtmp URL
if test -z “$PARAM”; then
PARAM=$(echo “$RTMPURLS” | tail -n 1 )

RTMPURL=$(echo -ne “$PARAM” | sed ‘s/^.*”\(rtmp[t]*:[^”]*\)”,.*$/\1/g’)
PLAYPATH=$(echo -ne “$PARAM” | sed ‘s/^.*”\(mp4:[^”]*\)”).*$/\1/g’)

test -z “$RTMPURL” && RTMPURL=”rtmp://”

if test -z “$OUTFILE”; then
OUTFILE=$(echo -ne “$PLAYPATH” | sed ‘s/^mp4:.*\/\([^\/?]*\)\?.*$/\1/g’)
OUTFILE=$(echo -ne “$OUTFILE” \
| sed ‘s/^.*\///g’ \
| sed ‘s/\?.*$//g’ \
| sed ‘s/mp4://g’ \
| sed ‘s/\.f4v$//’ \
| sed ‘s/\.flv$//’\

echo “Parameters:”
echo ” Playpath : $PLAYPATH”
echo ” Saving to: $OUTFILE”
echo -n ” PWD      : ”

if test -z “$PLAYPATH -o -z “$OUTFILE ; then
echo “Error: empty playpath or blank output filename.”
exit 1

if test -e “$OUTFILE”; then
echo “WARNING: output file “$OUTFILE” exists.”
if test -n “$INTERACTIVE”; then
echo -n “[A]bort/[d]elete it/[r]esume? [A/d/r]? ”
read -n 1 VAL
if test “$VAL” == “d”; then
rm -i “$OUTFILE”;
elif test “$VAL” == “r”; then
RTMPDUMPOPTS+=” –resume”
echo “Error: file exists. bailing out.”

if test -n “$INTERACTIVE”; then
echo “rtmpdump command-line:”
echo ” #$RTMPDUMP $RTMPDUMPOPTS -o \”$OUTFILE\” –playpath \”$PLAYPATH\” -r $RTMPURL”

echo -n ” Start Download ? [Y/n] ”
read -n 1 VAL
if test “$VAL” == “n” -o “$VAL” == “N”;  then


ls -l “$OUTFILE”

Just save the content in a file called »« and make it executeable.

Since you do not want to use the script you can also use JDownloader instead.

And voilà, you are able to watch the series whenever you want.


At the weekend I was spontaneously invited to a birthday party. Actually the invitation also included a warning: “I am sorry, but you won’t be able to leave the parking lot in front of the student residences later – we will go to the go-kart circuit at the waterfront. If you like to, you can join!” So I was in.

4 boxes of beer as provisions for our bus trip. Can’t get better! So we sang “Ein Hoch auf uns’ren Busfahrer, Busfahrer, ein Hoch auf uns’ren Busfahrer, Busfahrer!”

Finally it was fun to ride the karts. What a nice birthday idea, Christian!

My body is still aching, but it was worth that – driving go-kart in an old parking deck.

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