New flat, new lamp & new postcard wall


Hej! I was searching some time for a topic to blog about, but I was tired of writing nerdy stuff. And I have so much of that.

First subtenant

First subtenant. Recognized? A creepy spider subtenant on the back and for a minute unable to get back on the feed again. It was finally thrown out of the window.

I have a new flat. Since two weeks I live somewhere else at Bremen: At Findorff. My new quarter consists of those for Bremen typical terraces such that you are going to lose your sense of orientation because of the similarity of the buildings.

Google Streetview at Findorff - Bremen

Google Streetview at Findorff – Bremen

A new flat always means new lamps. I implemented my plans of creating a lamp with a canvas. I have seen those at Stockholm and liked the idea of a painting on the ceiling. Hence I engaged a painter and voilá:

Lamp painting

Lamp painting. The seize of the canvas is round a half square meter big. You can call the artwork “untitled”.

And because the artist still had some time left. He was asked to paint two additional windows:

Turquoise windows

Turquoise windows. For postcards! The left is goin’ to be mine. In the front of the picture you can see the top of a chair pyramid.

And finally everything has to come to an ending: The lamp on the ceiling and the postcards on the postcard wall.

New view

New view. The new lamp and the postcard walls.

If you are going to travel to a special place and may waste a thought on me – write me a postcard! Such as my amazing mates from Stockholm did it!

Awesome mates

Awesome mates. Thanks to you guys who remember that postcard! You are still the wallpaper of Greg!


2 Responses to “New flat, new lamp & new postcard wall”

  1. Hey tobi, wann gehen wir zusammen nach schweden?

    • I am going to be at Stockholm in the next month! Maybe you gonna get some tickets for the flight, then we will arrange the accomodation. But maybe we should go later. A weekend trip in January, perhaps?

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