International Dinner


The most important event of the weekend at my corridor was the international dinner. Nearly everybody of my 14 mates joined it and everybody cooked or baked special food from his/her country:


From the bottom to the top: Egg pancakes, Chicken Masala, Gratin with chicken, mushrooms and potatoes, Lasagne á la Bolognese, Potatispannkakor med körsbär


From left to right: Gratin (already mentioned), Lasagne (already mentioned), Potatispannkakor med körsbär, paprika filled with rice

Tortilla chips with Guacamole (an avocado dip) (Mexico), paprika filled with rice (Greece), Lasagne á la Bolognese (Italy), Potatispannkakor med körsbär (Sweden), Chicken Masala (India), egg pancakes (China), Gratin with chicken, mushrooms and potatoes (France/Morocco), Currywurst and Reibeplätzchen mit Erbsen (Germany), carrot cake (Sweden)

Afterwards we sat around, started to dance the Limbo and ate the Swedish cake. Delicious!


The dine-society (Diniergesellschaft) enjoying their dinner. Thanks for the great time dudes!

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