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Just by surfing around at Wikipedia I found out that I have been at (attention Google!) George Boole’s House last year around this time. And fortunately I can remember the place – kuhl stuff! George Boole the father of the modern logic. Advertisements

To be prepared for Monday, I still tried to find the building for the department of mathematics at Stockholms universitet. So here it is: And afterwards I have been to Gamla Stan. And took some pictures. Here are some of them:

Actually I just took one picture. This morning it has been a little “myth”, like the guide used to say, but in the ending the day became amazing beautiful!

At Sweden it is usual to pay by VISA-card. I did so since my first day and therefor payed a lot of things which came to a lot of money. After all on Tuesday I was not able to pay anymore by VISA. I have a prepaid VISA, so I tried to charge the card […]

This is all behind the buildings of the student residences. Here is another specialty located in the Lappkärrsberget. If you go downward to the water the environment looks like this: And sometimes not everything is true…

Dag #3 och #4


Seems to be so that I am writing less and less about my days here. Actually I have been tired and sad and a little unmotivated – not just about writing new posts. So I brake with my try to write less. Sometimes everything is very easygoing: You meet a lot of people and have […]

Today I was at IKEA with Giovanni, bought a Stockholm-90-days-tunnelbanna-buss-ticket for 150 Euros, registered for elearning and the computer pool, bought some credit for my Swedish mobile, then checked out the environment of the housing and took part at the quiz- and movie-night. So, now some photos of the day:

After I left the Bus at Stockholm I asked a guy with two suitcases whether he was also going to the Stockholms Universitet – and he did not, but went to the same housing! Therefor we did our first steps together, me and Giovanni. The whole day I was organising a few things… the keys […]

First night at Sweden (ever) done. My sleep at the airport was better than expected. I took three food-hall-chairs and felt like 20 other people or so asleep. Yesterday evening I arrived at the “flygplats” Stockholm Skavsta and started to settle in the airport building. I was totally unprepared to speak Swedish, felt unable to […]

In my first post of this series I wrote that facebook is able to track everyone – even by loading the java application directly from a facebook-server – what everyone does in common. Now there is an article about this topic at Heise (sadly in German). I think I forgot to become very clear about […]