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You may have heard about the Open Street Map Project. To view those open maps you can also use Marble. What I really like about this software is that you can download several maps and view them on a virtual ball or even on a plane map. It is not just possible to view maps […]



I came to Sweden when I just wanted to watch this movie. But it had already been shown here some months ago. In Germany it came to the movies on 6th October. Melancholia is an apocalyptic drama by Lars von Trier. It is one of the greatest movies which got to the movies this year. […]



Blogger Felix von Leitner, Frank Rieger und Mitherausgeber der Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung Frank Schirrmacher haben zusammen eine Radio Sendung (bzw. podcast) gemacht, die sehr interessant ist: Alternativlos, Folge 20 Gemeinsam analysieren die drei das aktuelle Politgeschehen vor dem Hintergrund der Kapitalismuskrise und der Staatstrojaneraffäre. Die Sendung dauert ein wenig mehr als zwei Stunden. (Sorry, the […]

In the last days the exams for students all over Stockholm just started. So it has become quiet on my corridor and everybody is short in time while cooking lunch, dinner and late-night-dinner. Everywhere here in Stockholm the first half of the semester is in the very ending for everybody (I know). The exams are […]

Accidentally I found  this blog. And there are some statistics about Vattenfall, the Swedish energy generation company: Av Vattenfalls el- och värmeproduktion i Europa kommer – 24 procent från vattenkraft – 28 procent kärnkraft – 47 procent från fossila bränslen?? – 1 procent från vindkraft. Wikipedia even says the same. Vattenfall means waterfall. This is […]

Each Tuesday at 22:00 each student… except a few… is screaming out of his/her opened window at Lappkärrsberget. They’re nuts, the Vikings!

Why encrypting communitcation? Before I give some reasons why your communication should be encrypted, I should describe how the reality in the web looks like and compare it to the “analog” communication. The “analog” mail is written by hand or printed out and signed and in the end, if the mail is not a postcard, […]



8 hours sleep per day are quiet OK and nearly a waste of time. Today I just slept… read my book, continued sleeping, woke up and slept again. Even had breakfast at bed. This is quiet unusual for me. So I was for one day a “Bettmensch”. This is Olli Schulz. Um… and his dog […]

At the moment there are quiet few good movies to watch at the movies ( So my mentor suggested to watch “The Three Musketeers” in 3D. I did not watch the trailer very carefully before I went to the movies. So here is my review: The Three Musketeers is a typical Hollywood movie with a […]

Italian Pizza


Yesterday I started a mass with yeast, but it took too much time for the mass to grow enough. So the mass had to wait in the fridge. The ingredients for the mass are: 350g wheat fluor 180g water 20g dry yeast 10g salt 20g olive oil and a pinch sugar (just as food for […]