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Here I am… back again from Stockholm. The journey from Bremen was not a big deal. I had to do some tourism, to meet my studies mate and to check whether my corridor is doin’ fine. Everything is doin’ well. On my sightseeing schedule was Skansen, but I spontaneously substituted it with the museum of […]

At the moment there is an exhibition with pictures from Nick Brandt at the Fotografiska museet (also called “The Swedish Museum of Photography”) at Stockholm until January 8. It is called “On This Earth, A Shadow Falls”. Nick Brandt intends to portrait animals in a very personal way. Basically he is much more focussed on […]

What happends to painters who die? They become more important. Even if they become blind, everybody wants to see their paintings. To increase this mysterious effect, I want to show you some pictures of my trip to the museum of modern art! The Moderna Museet (view on these times has an exhibition showing some […]

Tekniska museet


Today I have been to the Tekniska museet of Stockholm.  This is a museum about space missions. Mostly about the American space missions, partly about the Russians or international. The Exhibition shows several reproduced space vehicles for example from the Apollo mission (the moon exploration). There are also some spacemen clothes and electronical devices for […]



Yesterday I have met my mentor. I was not sure about what the Swedish tell a mentor and whether this is an employee of the university facilities or somebody who is payed for this “job”. So if I was asked for having a mentor I said: “Yes, I like to have one – why not!”. […]

What likes the thestupidnerdymuellguy to visit at Stockholm? Vasamuseet is a museum about shipping. The building has been built around a sailing ship. Tekniska museet… it is selfevidently a musuem about technics. Wikipedia says that its area has the size of 10.000 m^2 and that you will find there around 55.000 exhibition items. (Can find […]