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I am still preparing for my Swedish exam and am watching Swedish videos. There are probably also some others who had problems with spots (not just me), as I just found out. Spots of juice. So here is the solution presented in a perfectly made Swedish child documentary spot with subtitles: Update: There are also […]

Jag har göra min mundliga prov i svenska. Fint! In the last week I did my written test quiet well. My teacher didn’t write me an email and therefor I knew that the test was OK and I am allowed to take part in the oral exam. In the oral exam we talked with a […]

Vad roligt! I wrote my first text in swedish. It is about “min stad” (my town). Actually it is not corrected at the moment. But I send it to my lecturer via email. So I have a copy for you guys! And for those ones who are interested in LaTeX – I did it in […]