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Diaspora wird zu einer Sozialennetzwerkbasis. Von dort aus kann man twittern, tumblrn und Facebookfreunde informieren – aber nur was man möchte, alles andere bleibt in der Diaspora. Überhaupt ist die Diaspora in den letzten Monaten wirklich enorm verbessert worden. Inzwischen funktioniert die Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen Diaspora Servern. Außerdem kann man auf den meisten pods (so […]

Facebook: I have a Facebook account now. Certainly without personal information (pictures included) and I usually just use it via TOR proxies. Since I did not choose the profile name Nona Suomy anymore, I got the account without activating it via mobile. There were probably people before me using Nona Suomy as their profile name. […]

Why encrypting communitcation? Before I give some reasons why your communication should be encrypted, I should describe how the reality in the web looks like and compare it to the “analog” communication. The “analog” mail is written by hand or printed out and signed and in the end, if the mail is not a postcard, […]