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Since my mate and me started planning a trip to Kiruna (Kiruna at Google Maps), to the polar circle, I know how huge Sweden is. There are some offers from companies like Scanbalt Experience to go to Kiruna. But we have also a mate from Kiruna who may give us some tips for our journey. […]

I decided today to make not a Good-bye-Germany-Party, because I want to visit my parents and grandparents and sister. Their situation does not seem very healthy. So I want everyone who is interested in playing/singing ultrastar to come instead of the Good-bye-G…! I hope to meet all the others again in the next days!

Hm. I think my appartment at Stockholm will be empty at all disregarding the bed with a mattress. So I will need for sleeping: bed linen (to buy at Stockholm) This is almost to much for my suitcases. I will buy it at IKEA. I heard they had a lot of those shops at Sweden. […]