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Under the week we decided to go to Uppsala on the weekend, on Saturday. The articles at Wikipedia about Uppsala helped me to find out the most about interesting places there. On our schedule were… the Domkyrkan, which is the highest church of Scandinavia. Uppsala was in general formed by its catholic past until the […]

In the last days the exams for students all over Stockholm just started. So it has become quiet on my corridor and everybody is short in time while cooking lunch, dinner and late-night-dinner. Everywhere here in Stockholm the first half of the semester is in the very ending for everybody (I know). The exams are […]

If you listen to a lecture in Swedish and you do not understand so much Swedish and just learn more by understanding the math behind it than you already do in effect something like a Swedish course. But nevermind, today I got my results of the placement test and am now in the second course. […]

To be prepared for Monday, I still tried to find the building for the department of mathematics at Stockholms universitet. So here it is: And afterwards I have been to Gamla Stan. And took some pictures. Here are some of them:

OHB Systems, das ist ein Bremer Unternehmen, das Satelliten baut und wohl früher hauptsächlich mit (eindeutigen) Rüstungsaufträgen sein Geld verdient hat. Nun möchte dieser Konzern eine Professur “Raumfahrttechnologie”, welche sich mit Grundlagenforschung beschäftigen soll, für die nächsten 10 Jahre finanzieren (was u. a. natürlich auch recht kurz ist und ggf. von der Uni weiter finanziert […]