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At the weekend I have been at the KoMa (Konferenz der deutschsprachigen Mathematikfachschaften) to discuss with other maths students about the study at our universities. This semester it was at the Universität Heidelberg. The conference is always organised by the student representatives of the maths faculties of the universities. And the next time it will […]



Yesterday my new loudspeakers (actually they are 16 years old) arrived home still when I did my presentation and therefor I am listening to music the whole time. It’ great! Sorry flatmates for the noise! Oh yeah for sure… I will go to Sweden in one and a half months, but actually the speakers arrived […]

Today I did my presentation about Option Prizing. I discussed the nonlinear inverse Problem of the valuation formula of Black & Scholes (1973). This is strong meat (starker Tobak)! But if you do understand what an option (also derivative) is, you will be able to understand what an uncovered sale (Leerverkauf) is. During the presentation […]

Yeah! The nice Chinese girl will get my room for the next semester! Yesterday I phoned her, she agreed and then I translated the contract. Today she was here and signed the contract in the morning. Then I told her some more things about the flat and the building and so on. Now she is […]

“Due to a cancellation from another student within your department here at Stockholm University we can now offer you housing for the fall semester 2011!” Yeah! Luckily I have not booked a flight already… Update: I will get a room at Södra huset and will have to pay 17000 SEK (1855,43 EURO) for the whole semester. […]

Yesterday and the day before I received the answers from the universities, where I applicated for my Swedish course.Both wrote something like “we regret…” blablabla… I am a little bit sad about that. I saw myself lying in the sand at the Baltic Sea and having fun in the sun of August at Sweden. But […]

Hirer searched!


Yesterday I felt like writing a post about my successless search for somebody who rents my room for the next period of lectures (my stay at Stockholm). And suddenly there was a nice girl from China ringing and searching for a person in our building with whom she arranged a meeting to introduce herself to […]

Das ist mal praktisch: Wenn man den LaTeX-Code eines Symbols nicht weiß, kann man ihn auch einfach malen und bekommt dann den Code und das Paket in dem sich das Symbol befindet. Danke Magdalena!

I will not reveal too much of the movie. Yesterday I have been at the sneak preview at the Schauburg. A sneak preview is an event on which they show only unpublished new movies and especially at the Schauburg: You do not know which movie is shown on that particular event and it is shown […]

Today I do some advertising: If you would like to come to Bremen and do like to make a bicycle tour to the Blockland, which lies in the lovely green flat country and is nerved by some rivulets, you should visit the ice cream parlour there, which makes the best ice cream in the world! […]