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Facebook: I have a Facebook account now. Certainly without personal information (pictures included) and I usually just use it via TOR proxies. Since I did not choose the profile name Nona Suomy anymore, I got the account without activating it via mobile. There were probably people before me using Nona Suomy as their profile name. […]

Sometimes I am so angry and forget about telling what is to do. Leave Facebook, Google+ and all the other shit! And then there are these possibilities: Diaspora: This is a open source social network based on peer to peer technology Safebook: The probably safer variant, but still at beta status. Also open source and […]

Sometimes people ask me: Why don’t you have a profile at Facebook? I just say: “No. I won’t have one.” So it seems to me that I have to explain you my point of view. Actually I was some years ago at Facebook and StudiVZ (the German equivalent to Facebook). Both of them have my […]