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I did my best! I tried it! I searched for a service which offers garbage mobile numbers. No success. Remark: I tried to register at Facebook completely anonym. Actually I am now registered, but I do not have a mobile number to activate my account. Update: The same with Google. I just registered, but they […]

My favoured series seems to have no ending. As you may have noticed, I do not like to post photos of anybody. This is actually a little try to prevent my privacy. All the photos in databases and in the internet will once in the close future reveal your name to a wide range of […]

In my first post of this series I wrote that facebook is able to track everyone – even by loading the java application directly from a facebook-server – what everyone does in common. Now there is an article about this topic at Heise (sadly in German). I think I forgot to become very clear about […]

Fefe has a new post: The big internet companies are giving their data away. Now Google and Microsoft. For me it is always hard to understand that a government has such a power in these days. This is the point where you can see that the politic has the power to force companies to follow […]

Sometimes I am so angry and forget about telling what is to do. Leave Facebook, Google+ and all the other shit! And then there are these possibilities: Diaspora: This is a open source social network based on peer to peer technology Safebook: The probably safer variant, but still at beta status. Also open source and […]

Sometimes people ask me: Why don’t you have a profile at Facebook? I just say: “No. I won’t have one.” So it seems to me that I have to explain you my point of view. Actually I was some years ago at Facebook and StudiVZ (the German equivalent to Facebook). Both of them have my […]