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Since January 11th we started eating the ginger bread house. Actually I am benefitting that my nice mates are such good bakers. But what I did not know until some days ago is, that the caramel glue mass includes a melted plastic spoon. So I resisted all the stories about the masses of dust on […]

The famouse NK-warehousing at the Hamngatan in Stockholm has these impressive window decorations for which people stop and wonder. Finally you are so impressed that you enter the building. Inside a seller started with us a conversation in German. Because his German was really impressive, we asked him for the reason of it. And so […]

I got some really creative and tatkräftige (is German means: strong in doing something) mates. Except the smarties and the fruit embodying sweets everything is made by my mates. I am really impressed! God Jul!

Since more than one week there is a christmas tree in the middle of the main yard of Lappis. It has a chain of lights with LEDs. There was also a talk at our corridor about having a christmas tree. But I am not that fanatic. So there did not happen so much. The supermarket […]