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If you are interested in reading books on a computer, for example on a tablet. You will find some classical literature in the internet – for free. Project Gutenberg is a platform where several people provide selfmade duplicates of literature which is not protected by copyrights anymore. So for example “Der zerbrochene Krug” (Heinrich von […]

Today I had been with Giovanni, the first guy I have met at Stockholm, to a snowboard event in the olympic stadion of Stockholm. The stadion is just two tunnelbana stations from universitetet. The weather was nice, very cold and still freezing – the next times I will go out with my Winter shoes. The […]

There are some tips I would like to suggest you. If you have a mobile PC (notebook or netbook) you can do some stuff to make it hard to take it over. This will take you (depending on how fast you will find the right options) quarter an hour. Remark: I cannot assume responsibility for […]

Swedish dinner


Today I was at the Swedish dinner together with my mentor. We arrived punctual at 18:00. When entered we to Café Bojan (next to the T-bana station “Universitetet”) everything had already been full. And there left just two seperated places. So we went to the neighboured room. We found a broken table and three chairs […]

These days in the middle of November the sun sets at 3:30 pm. In terms of summer time the sun would set at 4:30 pm. The sun is usually very low here and so it does not set in the west – rather in the south-west.

These weeks at Stockholm is the international filmfestival. It is from the 8th to the 20th Novemeber – so we are right in the middle of it. Today I will go with my mates to watch “This must be the place” (2011): They also show some older indipendent movies. Just have a look at the […]

Green Party


Today at 21:30 is our corridor-party! All my readers are invited! Don’t worry for the green clothes: At the moment I also just have a red t-shirt. But I will go shopping for that after the work! So feel invited! Update: What a mess! It is over! Everything is destroyed. What left was a girl […]

Great! A conversation of two Facebook users.

Today I talked with my Italian mate about the response of the stock markets to Berlusconi’s resignation. He wondered that the stock markets did not respond in a better way as they did. In my opinion stock markets very often seperate from the real economy. Because of bets… and else. And then there came an […]

The first peculiarity: At Stockholm you are able to do angling without a license. Here is a localisation of the place: The stream at this place is stronger than on all the other places where the water of the hinterland (=Hinterland) enters the baltic sea. The crowd standing next to the wall is angling […]