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Oh there is still something to tell from Sweden. Besides my trip to Solna, Akalla and Kista – some suburbs of Stockholm or still districts of it – I was also with my study mate to Globen ( Globen is an arena with the shape of a sphere. It is actually the biggest spheric building […]

Here I am… back again from Stockholm. The journey from Bremen was not a big deal. I had to do some tourism, to meet my studies mate and to check whether my corridor is doin’ fine. Everything is doin’ well. On my sightseeing schedule was Skansen, but I spontaneously substituted it with the museum of […]

Dimitris an Pierluigi accommodated me at their rooms. Staying with both was very nice. With Pierluigi I usually tried to keep learning at the university or at my mate Metin and with Dimitris I was more and more at his room. So I was much more a pain in the ass than before. When Pierluigi […]

It is quiet a long time ago that I mentioned that it is allowed to camp everywhere at Sweden. Now after they let me know that they will come and wake you, since you are going to sleep at the university buildings, I have something else for you (from my archive) that is not allowed: […]

Leaving Sweden


Leaving Stockholm’s never easy! Since August 21st, I did not leave Sweden. I was much more enthusiastic to hug my girlfriend at the railway station at Düsseldorf – perhaps much more than my friend who was leaving with me together to Düsseldorf. I do not like Düsseldorf, because of their famous snobbishness, so I was […]

Stockholms jul


You should expect that it snows at Sweden quiet a lot. I heard from some people who are origined at Stockholm that it would be going to become so cold that the archipelago’s surface will be frozen. But in the first week of December it was just snowing a little bit. At Kungsträdgården there had […]

Dog sled tour


Today at 13:25 we left Kiruna and the very last thing we did, was a sledge dog trip about a distance of 12km into the circumlying land of Kiruna. The thermometer on the wall of the hostel measured -2°C. So the difference to yesterday was 10°C. So it was really warm today. We have been […]

Probably the size of the garbage collector on the cigarette packages in Sweden has a interpretable meaning related to the content of those packages. However, you know that I like garbage collectors! Thanks to Gregor.

Ice hotel


Since one week, since the first snow fell at Kiruna this season, the artists are still building the ice hotel on the frozen surface of a lake 15 km from Kiruna. Everything of the building is made from ice and there are already some rooms finished, where the first guests spend their nights. At this […]

At Kiruna you will usually not find any cycles. Probably it is not advisable to go by bike these times at Kiruna. So the people are using different vehicles.