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New subtenant

A creepy subtenant on the back and unable for a minute to get back on the feed again. It was finally thrown out of the window.


During this weekend I have been at the summer festival at Vorstraße, my second home at Bremen. It is a student music festival organised by students with a lot of Bratwürste, steaks and beer, of course. It is on Friday and Saturday on one weekend in the summer every year since 1977. The later it […]

I am a little late – last week there was the jubilee of the town hall of Bremen. Due to this event there were some guided tours offered for free. I joined one of them and here are the pictures: Here is a picture of the Güldenkammer. Some references are not available in English. References: […]

At the weekend I was spontaneously invited to a birthday party. Actually the invitation also included a warning: “I am sorry, but you won’t be able to leave the parking lot in front of the student residences later – we will go to the go-kart circuit at the waterfront. If you like to, you can […]

During my studies abroad I was asked about how the clubs are at Germany. So I told some of my experiences. Here the two situations in short. I have a friend with a south european passport. He does not look scary and perhaps a little bit like a nerd. Everytime we wanted to get together […]

Back to Bremen


Welcome from o2 Germany! To get help from your Customer Care – dial 200 as you do at home. Have a nice stay in Germany! (Welcome SMS on my Swedish SIM) Skavsta looked pretty much like I left it in December (Leaving Sweden). Since more than a month the snow at Stockholm was constant on […]

…on my journey from Düsseldorf to Bremen and, of course, I found myself in a sauna when I entered the first car. Now I am sitting in the first class with fault-finding middle-aged women from the first class, of course. Very nice cool air – but even warm and in the end still warmer than […]

I just booked my flight to Stockholm with Ryanair. The flight costs 4,99€ itself. And this is the calculation: *********4.99 EUR Flugpreis *********0.00 EUR Steuern, Gebühren & Entgelte *********6.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Online check-In Gebühren ********30.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Aufgegebenes Gepäck *********6.00 EUR Passagiergebühr: Administrationsgebühr ********46.99 EUR GESAMTBETRAG 46,99€ + 16€ = 62,99€ to get to Stockholm, […]

I will not reveal too much of the movie. Yesterday I have been at the sneak preview at the Schauburg. A sneak preview is an event on which they show only unpublished new movies and especially at the Schauburg: You do not know which movie is shown on that particular event and it is shown […]

Today I do some advertising: If you would like to come to Bremen and do like to make a bicycle tour to the Blockland, which lies in the lovely green flat country and is nerved by some rivulets, you should visit the ice cream parlour there, which makes the best ice cream in the world! […]