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Mein Pflichtbericht über mein Auslandssemester ist nun fertig. Ich habe mich bemüht informativ zu schreiben, also mit möglichst vielen Tipps, und gezielt Bullshit einzustreuen. Und natürlich ein persönlicher Schluss. Vorgabe seien drei Seiten, hörte ich. Bei mir sind es jetzt wohl mehr geworden. Es ist zwar kein Glanzstück, aber vielleicht doch interessant. Erfahrungsbericht English: Since […]

Here are my recordings of the todays screaming at Lappis. My favourite is the guy in the end who screams “too laaaaaaaate”. Referring to this post.

I have to leave my room at Lappis until January 15th. But I still got some exams in the end of January. Therefor today I have been at the International Office and wanted to extend my rental contract. It was the very first day of the new employee of the responsable for housing. The employee […]

If you are interested in reading books on a computer, for example on a tablet. You will find some classical literature in the internet – for free. Project Gutenberg is a platform where several people provide selfmade duplicates of literature which is not protected by copyrights anymore. So for example “Der zerbrochene Krug” (Heinrich von […]

In the last days the exams for students all over Stockholm just started. So it has become quiet on my corridor and everybody is short in time while cooking lunch, dinner and late-night-dinner. Everywhere here in Stockholm the first half of the semester is in the very ending for everybody (I know). The exams are […]



Yesterday I have met my mentor. I was not sure about what the Swedish tell a mentor and whether this is an employee of the university facilities or somebody who is payed for this “job”. So if I was asked for having a mentor I said: “Yes, I like to have one – why not!”. […]

If you listen to a lecture in Swedish and you do not understand so much Swedish and just learn more by understanding the math behind it than you already do in effect something like a Swedish course. But nevermind, today I got my results of the placement test and am now in the second course. […]

Today I am again back at Bremen and have the newest post in my hands. Fortunately the Studentenwerk has wrote me that I will get the full money (291 loan) and not just 32 (I actually get the double amount of money. One part is loan and the other half is a credit from the […]

Jag har göra min mundliga prov i svenska. Fint! In the last week I did my written test quiet well. My teacher didn’t write me an email and therefor I knew that the test was OK and I am allowed to take part in the oral exam. In the oral exam we talked with a […]

This Article is only in German for reason that literature discussing apacite is still very seldom. Damit folgendes nicht passiert (mal abgesehen davon, dass ich Zitieren mit Fußnoten doof finde): „[…] ein Werk seines Doktorvaters, das [Althusmann] in einer Fußnote aufführe, fehle im Verzeichnis.“, sollte man beim texen (gesprochen: techen) von wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten BibTeX zum […]