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Diaspora wird zu einer Sozialennetzwerkbasis. Von dort aus kann man twittern, tumblrn und Facebookfreunde informieren – aber nur was man möchte, alles andere bleibt in der Diaspora. Überhaupt ist die Diaspora in den letzten Monaten wirklich enorm verbessert worden. Inzwischen funktioniert die Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen Diaspora Servern. Außerdem kann man auf den meisten pods (so […]



I have a Facebook account since a few weeks. (I do not use a FACE-profile-picture and do use a east european email address.) Then four days ago I was not able anymore to login to my profile. They told me that there was no account belonging to my email address. So, Facebook blocked my account. […]

Facebook: I have a Facebook account now. Certainly without personal information (pictures included) and I usually just use it via TOR proxies. Since I did not choose the profile name Nona Suomy anymore, I got the account without activating it via mobile. There were probably people before me using Nona Suomy as their profile name. […]

Great! A conversation of two Facebook users.

I did my best! I tried it! I searched for a service which offers garbage mobile numbers. No success. Remark: I tried to register at Facebook completely anonym. Actually I am now registered, but I do not have a mobile number to activate my account. Update: The same with Google. I just registered, but they […]

Facebook seems to become dangerous for freedom on earth now. They are making contracts with cellular mobile telephony providers to offer a for free. Source: Fefe

At the EU every citizen has the right to get a discloser about all the saved data about you. So some people did this for thier Facebook data. Here is the result (anonymised). Facebooks software is still programmed to keep several data. If you remove for example a message, Facebook keeps it. The same happens […]

The FBI wants to have access to the Facebook data by law to investigate the smallest cases. Hmmm… actually we already know the real purpose for this new law (link adopted from fefe): Are there still questions?

My favoured series seems to have no ending. As you may have noticed, I do not like to post photos of anybody. This is actually a little try to prevent my privacy. All the photos in databases and in the internet will once in the close future reveal your name to a wide range of […]

The evil Facebook-like-button can now be avoided by using the 2-click-button (this is a link to a German website). If I was a webmaster and were interested in privacy, I would do so.