I was made up from the floor of my flat share where the garbage sack stand fought against the sack to come out to get to all of the other rubbish. There he was born: the stupid-nerdy-müll-guy (müll means garbage).

This Blog was created to tell everyone about my days at Sweden (and to spam you all). So I’m not member of the famous hacker “association”, but I am also anonymous – more or less. Don’t tell the CIA! And don’t forget to not use my real name – otherwise I’ll kill you all! Muhahaha 😉

Oh… the initiator of my name forgot to put “angry” somewhere in my lovely name. Ähm… put it somewhere between all this words of my name in your minds!

What do I write?

I will write about some events that came on me

When do I write?

Whenever I have something to tell!

About which topics do I write?

Mostly about my semester at Sweden. Secondly about some events or helpful experiences (eg Know-how, Movie reviews)

In which language is this blog written?

Mainly English and sometimes German. Perhaps I will write a very few things in Swedish!

Who is allowed to leave which kind of comments?

Before a comment is shown on the blog, I have to approve you. So if your comment seems to me to be individual, refering to the post and you do not use brutal or violent words against people except me, you will usually get my admission. So don’t worry! 😉


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi! May I know your name? Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • Oh I do not think so. I am a guy from Germany. Perhaps I forget about to write that in my information about me. How ever. I just came to you by reading comments on other blogs.
      Actually I found it nice to read. 🙂

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