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Dimitris an Pierluigi accommodated me at their rooms. Staying with both was very nice. With Pierluigi I usually tried to keep learning at the university or at my mate Metin and with Dimitris I was more and more at his room. So I was much more a pain in the ass than before. When Pierluigi […]

Here are my recordings of the todays screaming at Lappis. My favourite is the guy in the end who screams “too laaaaaaaate”. Referring to this post.

Corridor nomad


If you are moving from room to room in your corridor, there are things to sense which are not noticed before. Actually I had the room with a door handle which is different from all the other in the corridor. When I moved in to Pierluigi I moved from an north windowed room to a […]

Yesterday we had our 3rd dinner together (the 2nd was our Christmas dinner). I did not feel in the mood for cooking and it was still the same about finding a recipe. I just thought “perhaps something with spinach”. Ouaffa had already some bunches of spinach and wanted to do also spinach. She really likes […]

Italian dinner


There is always a new parting. In the end of January also Pierluigi will leave. For him was no more university stuff to do since December. So he came just back from Italy to see more of Stockholm. So on Wednesday we had an Italian dinner where he cooked for his friends. So the later […]

Since January 11th we started eating the ginger bread house. Actually I am benefitting that my nice mates are such good bakers. But what I did not know until some days ago is, that the caramel glue mass includes a melted plastic spoon. So I resisted all the stories about the masses of dust on […]

While watching nice youtube videos, I found this: Any ideas? This is an Forskarbacken insider, so don’t worry since you are clueless. ūüėČ

The moving


I am just arriving at my new room. Oh – actually it ist not my room, but Pierluigi’s. But I left my room, which I have since I am here at Stockholm. So today I was cleaning, washing and packing my suitcase and bags. After some days I will probably move to Rebecca’s room. She […]

There are some people at my corridor who are dedicated to cooking. And because Christmas is not just a celebration, but also one last good chance to have companionship right before everybody is leaving for holidays, new towns, families, friends and the loves of their lives. The spectrum of dishes had a rich variety. There […]

I got some really creative and tatkräftige (is German means: strong in doing something) mates. Except the smarties and the fruit embodying sweets everything is made by my mates. I am really impressed! God Jul!