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Open Street Map


Open Street Map

It is probably well-known that I like open source. Since some months I spend a lot of my free time by editing the Open Street Map (OSM). I would like to introduce you to this project, which will come across everybody’s future as Wikipedia did.

OSM is an open source project which’s goal is to provide a map of the whole globe and as Wikipedia does, it invites everybody to contribute new data under a creative commons license. Analog to the Wikipedia you can create a profile, edit the map, observe map sections, read the history, write blog posts and some stuff more. Things which are necessary for every open source project.

The power of the map is not that obvious. Maybe the map looks nice or maybe not that nice as Google’s map looks like. Just imagine that everybody is allowed to create his custom map: An historical map of the town you are currently visiting or a map where you can find every important information just. Of course there are already maps at the website of OSM. For example the cycle or traffic maps. But there are also smartphone apps as OsmAnd (which is open source, too) which enables you to check for the next café, ATM or just a toilet.

But there are also some amazing projects like the Isometric 3D maps project or the OSM tool Nominatim. Or the routing service “Open Route Service” of the University of Heidelberg.

You will find much more interesting applications of the Data just by searching the internet. Just put “osm” into your request.

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There is a solar eclipse today, Wednesday June 6th, 2012. Since you are noticing that it is dimming you are perhaps behind a telescope while watching the sun, wearing those spacial glasses or you may be watching this (the NASA live stream about the Venus transit) Video streaming by Ustream … otherwise this has […]

A new great opportunity to see auroras: I just read that a sunstorm, which was errupted last week, will hit us on Tuesday. They say that it is the strongest geomagnetical storm since the last six years. (Here is the German source) Here is some stuff related to this event: Pictures from the NASA about […]

Yesterday and the day before we have been to Hornstull Strand. There are a bar and a disco where you can spend your hours dancing! At the first evening we did not have to pay an entrance fee – but until it closed there was still one hour left. Yesterday we have been there earlier. […]

…on my journey from Düsseldorf to Bremen and, of course, I found myself in a sauna when I entered the first car. Now I am sitting in the first class with fault-finding middle-aged women from the first class, of course. Very nice cool air – but even warm and in the end still warmer than […]

I decided today to make not a Good-bye-Germany-Party, because I want to visit my parents and grandparents and sister. Their situation does not seem very healthy. So I want everyone who is interested in playing/singing ultrastar to come instead of the Good-bye-G…! I hope to meet all the others again in the next days!

Sometimes I am so angry and forget about telling what is to do. Leave Facebook, Google+ and all the other shit! And then there are these possibilities: Diaspora: This is a open source social network based on peer to peer technology Safebook: The probably safer variant, but still at beta status. Also open source and […]

Sometimes people ask me: Why don’t you have a profile at Facebook? I just say: “No. I won’t have one.” So it seems to me that I have to explain you my point of view. Actually I was some years ago at Facebook and StudiVZ (the German equivalent to Facebook). Both of them have my […]

Today I did my presentation about Option Prizing. I discussed the nonlinear inverse Problem of the valuation formula of Black & Scholes (1973). This is strong meat (starker Tobak)! But if you do understand what an option (also derivative) is, you will be able to understand what an uncovered sale (Leerverkauf) is. During the presentation […]

I was made up from the floor of my flat share where the garbage sack stand fought against the sack to come out to get to all of the other rubbish. There he was born: the stupid-nerdy-müll-guy (müll means garbage). Now I have to write you all about my adventures. There is a lot to […]