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Since January 11th we started eating the ginger bread house. Actually I am benefitting that my nice mates are such good bakers. But what I did not know until some days ago is, that the caramel glue mass includes a melted plastic spoon. So I resisted all the stories about the masses of dust on […]

There are some people at my corridor who are dedicated to cooking. And because Christmas is not just a celebration, but also one last good chance to have companionship right before everybody is leaving for holidays, new towns, families, friends and the loves of their lives. The spectrum of dishes had a rich variety. There […]

I got some really creative and tatkräftige (is German means: strong in doing something) mates. Except the smarties and the fruit embodying sweets everything is made by my mates. I am really impressed! God Jul!

The most important event of the weekend at my corridor was the international dinner. Nearly everybody of my 14 mates joined it and everybody cooked or baked special food from his/her country: Tortilla chips with Guacamole (an avocado dip) (Mexico), paprika filled with rice (Greece), Lasagne á la Bolognese (Italy), Potatispannkakor med körsbär (Sweden), Chicken […]

The new lamps


Yesterday my mate and me finished our lamp creating project temporarily. He had actually a great idea to make a lamp, but in the end it failured due to the fact that we did not have the right material. Finally we found new different material. The result ist the following: You must think: “How poor!”. […]