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Since I was something around three years I have not been to Berlin. I was there in my young age, because some of my ancestors are from a region which is close to the town. My parents visited them several times. Also when the Berlin Wall and the GDR were still intact. Some facts and […]



Or “Nerdy Christmas #2”. As every year you should not miss Chaos Communication Congress at Berlin. The geeks, nerds and hackers from all over the world primarily from Europe are meeting there to exchange experiences. It is each year between the Christmas celebrations and new year (so it is already over). This time it was […]

In Berlin sind heute Bürgerschafts/Landtagswahlen und die Piraten Partei überrascht in den Umfragen. Nun wagen sich natürlich zahlreiche Fernsehleute an die Analysen dieser “Überraschung”. Beim herum surfen habe ich nun diesen Blog-Beitrag von Jörg Schönenborn zur aktuellen Wahlsituation in Berlin gefunden. Unter anderem versucht er Gründe für den Erfolg der Piratenpartei zu nennen. Ich spreche […]

You maybe remember my first post of this series. I wrote about a party to blockade. This party to blockade seems to become reality (more as an accident): The German pirate party of Berlin reaches the 15%-mark in some polls for the election of the province Berlin. A result of around 10% would mean that […]