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During this weekend I have been at the summer festival at Vorstraße, my second home at Bremen. It is a student music festival organised by students with a lot of Bratwürste, steaks and beer, of course. It is on Friday and Saturday on one weekend in the summer every year since 1977. The later it […]

There are some people at my corridor who are dedicated to cooking. And because Christmas is not just a celebration, but also one last good chance to have companionship right before everybody is leaving for holidays, new towns, families, friends and the loves of their lives. The spectrum of dishes had a rich variety. There […]



8 hours sleep per day are quiet OK and nearly a waste of time. Today I just slept… read my book, continued sleeping, woke up and slept again. Even had breakfast at bed. This is quiet unusual for me. So I was for one day a “Bettmensch”. This is Olli Schulz. Um… and his dog […]

Melissa Horn


The nicest way to learn a language seems to me is music. So this is my nicest result from the research for new Swedish music: “Innan jag kände dig” from Melissa Horn. To describe it with my own words, it is an empathetic and sensitive acoustic song. Music for the autumn! Enjoy it! Here […]



Yesterday my new loudspeakers (actually they are 16 years old) arrived home still when I did my presentation and therefor I am listening to music the whole time. It’ great! Sorry flatmates for the noise! Oh yeah for sure… I will go to Sweden in one and a half months, but actually the speakers arrived […]