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During this weekend I have been at the summer festival at Vorstraße, my second home at Bremen. It is a student music festival organised by students with a lot of Bratwürste, steaks and beer, of course. It is on Friday and Saturday on one weekend in the summer every year since 1977. The later it […]

I am a little late – last week there was the jubilee of the town hall of Bremen. Due to this event there were some guided tours offered for free. I joined one of them and here are the pictures: Here is a picture of the Güldenkammer. Some references are not available in English. References: […]

There is a solar eclipse today, Wednesday June 6th, 2012. Since you are noticing that it is dimming you are perhaps behind a telescope while watching the sun, wearing those spacial glasses or you may be watching this (the NASA live stream about the Venus transit) Video streaming by Ustream … otherwise this has […]

Diaspora wird zu einer Sozialennetzwerkbasis. Von dort aus kann man twittern, tumblrn und Facebookfreunde informieren – aber nur was man möchte, alles andere bleibt in der Diaspora. Überhaupt ist die Diaspora in den letzten Monaten wirklich enorm verbessert worden. Inzwischen funktioniert die Kommunikation zwischen verschiedenen Diaspora Servern. Außerdem kann man auf den meisten pods (so […]