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Vaxholm stad


From the buss station Albano at Kräftriket, at my faculty, are some busses heading to Vaxholm. So I was curious about where they may go to. I looked it up at Google and told a lot of people that I will visit this place: Just take the bus and stay unto the endstation. This is […]

Melissa Horn


The nicest way to learn a language seems to me is music. So this is my nicest result from the research for new Swedish music: “Innan jag kände dig” from Melissa Horn. To describe it with my own words, it is an empathetic and sensitive acoustic song. Music for the autumn! Enjoy it! Here […]

Yesterday and the day before we have been to Hornstull Strand. There are a bar and a disco where you can spend your hours dancing! At the first evening we did not have to pay an entrance fee – but until it closed there was still one hour left. Yesterday we have been there earlier. […]

The most important event of the weekend at my corridor was the international dinner. Nearly everybody of my 14 mates joined it and everybody cooked or baked special food from his/her country: Tortilla chips with Guacamole (an avocado dip) (Mexico), paprika filled with rice (Greece), Lasagne á la Bolognese (Italy), Potatispannkakor med körsbär (Sweden), Chicken […]

In these days I am very busy with my acceptance of the bible. Today I decided for myself to resign from the church. The only problem is that I have to do this at Bremen. I have the best reasons for that. At least I am pretty sure that non-private religions and democracies are incompatible […]

Other countries are different. In Sweden they really use those strange bureau tools which existence came just into my mind by wondering about those unnecessary holes in the papers. But the Swedes really have a hole puncher for those purposes: The board games are also different. They play drinking games not with real beer, but […]

The new lamps


Yesterday my mate and me finished our lamp creating project temporarily. He had actually a great idea to make a lamp, but in the end it failured due to the fact that we did not have the right material. Finally we found new different material. The result ist the following: You must think: “How poor!”. […]

I always get such a Chinese newspaper from the pretenant of my room. At my arrival my mailbox was done by a non-IT DDOS attack – completely full. The newspapers already came out of it. I asked my mates whether my pretenant could be interested into the papers. But she already got their newspapers to […]

In Berlin sind heute Bürgerschafts/Landtagswahlen und die Piraten Partei überrascht in den Umfragen. Nun wagen sich natürlich zahlreiche Fernsehleute an die Analysen dieser “Überraschung”. Beim herum surfen habe ich nun diesen Blog-Beitrag von Jörg Schönenborn zur aktuellen Wahlsituation in Berlin gefunden. Unter anderem versucht er Gründe für den Erfolg der Piratenpartei zu nennen. Ich spreche […]

Actually somebody put the idea into my head to read Swedish newpapers. So here is the result of my first explorations: (Svenska Dagbladet) The last one seems to be the most interesting. And I also found an analog paper to the German newspapers “Bild” or “Der Spiegel” (This paper is on a […]