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Mein Pflichtbericht über mein Auslandssemester ist nun fertig. Ich habe mich bemüht informativ zu schreiben, also mit möglichst vielen Tipps, und gezielt Bullshit einzustreuen. Und natürlich ein persönlicher Schluss. Vorgabe seien drei Seiten, hörte ich. Bei mir sind es jetzt wohl mehr geworden. Es ist zwar kein Glanzstück, aber vielleicht doch interessant. Erfahrungsbericht English: Since […]

After again somebody invited me to bible discussions and some people asked me for the way to the computer hall, toilets etc, this happened: Another guy interrupted me while reading. He was angered about something and talked to me in Swedish. I did not understand anything and therefor asked him to speak in English to […]

Waking security


Today while learning at the university at Södra huset D, I decided to take 15 min of sleep. After five minutes of closing my eyes a woman in a black security uniform and a dog woke me up and told me: “… du kan sova här inte”. So I told that I was just taking […]



Yesterday I have met my mentor. I was not sure about what the Swedish tell a mentor and whether this is an employee of the university facilities or somebody who is payed for this “job”. So if I was asked for having a mentor I said: “Yes, I like to have one – why not!”. […]