The subtle racism at Germany


During my studies abroad I was asked about how the clubs are at Germany. So I told some of my experiences. Here the two situations in short.

I have a friend with a south european passport. He does not look scary and perhaps a little bit like a nerd. Everytime we wanted to get together into one of the bigger clubs of our town we did not succeed. They let me in, but him not. On two evenings with a one year gap we wanted to enter – both times they denied him to enter because they were not ok with his valid passport. So this gave us reason to believe the rumors about a foreigners quota there.

Another time another town. I wanted to get into such a big club with a couple of Namibian guests of my university. The most of them had been already inside the club and I came later with two of them. When they wanted to enter they got into a discussion with the bouncers. The bouncers denied them to enter and that they had to leave the area. So I intervened and started discussing in German and telling all the good arguments to let them in while the bouncer told me: “Sorry I cannot do anything there are already too many black people inside the club.” Besides all the luck that they got finally into their favourite club where they had not been welcome, it was a shame.

So abroad I was asked why I did not make a scandal, whether it is their legal right to do so and why I did not tell the police about this incident. I did not know it better, but so far as I knew there was no law preventing this.

But why do I write this post? I just read an announcement (in German) about a case in which a hotelier threw a politician out of his hotel because the guest was a known racist. The court approved that the hotelier was wrong. But this was just because the hotel already confirmed his booking before they threw him out. But in general the hotelier can refuse the guest without any reason.

So at Germany people are allowed to deny other (unprivileged) people to enter their property. However, the best way against those racist quotas is to avoid those clubs. I think the laws are OK. People should have more civil courage.


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