Oh there is still something to tell from Sweden. Besides my trip to Solna, Akalla and Kista – some suburbs of Stockholm or still districts of it – I was also with my study mate to Globen (

Globen is an arena with the shape of a sphere. It is actually the biggest spheric building on earth. Hence it is a must to visit. Unfortunately we were not able to enter without buying a 400 SEK expensive ticket for an ice hockey game.

To get to Globen you just have to take the green tunnelbana and get off at Gulmarsplan (There is also a little closer station called “Globen”).

There is also a souvenir shop at the arena which sells some higher quality merchandise. At the moment they are building a new football stadium next to globen. It is called “Stockholms arenan” or “Nya söderstadion” which belongs to Hammarby IF (This football club is not even the best Swedish one at the moment).

In the Sweden Solar System, a model of our solar system (scale: 1:20million), the Globen represents the sun – you can find the inner planets of the model also at Stockholm.

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BTW: Thank you all, dear corridor mates, for the nice dinner! And there is still another thing of which I am happy: The post card.


Here I am… back again from Stockholm. The journey from Bremen was not a big deal. I had to do some tourism, to meet my studies mate and to check whether my corridor is doin’ fine.

Everything is doin’ well.

On my sightseeing schedule was Skansen, but I spontaneously substituted it with the museum of architecture. It is a quiet small museum. It has a permanent exhibition with several models and non-permanent one about the stadshus at the moment.

In the exhibition about the stadshus they showed several patterns of the building and had also a lie-down cinema, with animations of pictures of the patterns on the ceiling. Relaxing. Together with Moderna museet you would be busy for some time (both are in the same building).

Here is a link to the Arkitekturmuseet at You will find there samples which belong to the Arkitekturmuseet.

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Mein Pflichtbericht über mein Auslandssemester ist nun fertig. Ich habe mich bemüht informativ zu schreiben, also mit möglichst vielen Tipps, und gezielt Bullshit einzustreuen. Und natürlich ein persönlicher Schluss. Vorgabe seien drei Seiten, hörte ich. Bei mir sind es jetzt wohl mehr geworden. Es ist zwar kein Glanzstück, aber vielleicht doch interessant.


English: Since somebody understands some German, you are welcome to read the review about my semester abroad, which was written for the ERASMUS program. Perhaps google translate may work. But I cannot guarantee that it correctly translates each of the tons of mistakes I did.

During my studies abroad I was asked about how the clubs are at Germany. So I told some of my experiences. Here the two situations in short.

I have a friend with a south european passport. He does not look scary and perhaps a little bit like a nerd. Everytime we wanted to get together into one of the bigger clubs of our town we did not succeed. They let me in, but him not. On two evenings with a one year gap we wanted to enter – both times they denied him to enter because they were not ok with his valid passport. So this gave us reason to believe the rumors about a foreigners quota there.

Another time another town. I wanted to get into such a big club with a couple of Namibian guests of my university. The most of them had been already inside the club and I came later with two of them. When they wanted to enter they got into a discussion with the bouncers. The bouncers denied them to enter and that they had to leave the area. So I intervened and started discussing in German and telling all the good arguments to let them in while the bouncer told me: “Sorry I cannot do anything there are already too many black people inside the club.” Besides all the luck that they got finally into their favourite club where they had not been welcome, it was a shame.

So abroad I was asked why I did not make a scandal, whether it is their legal right to do so and why I did not tell the police about this incident. I did not know it better, but so far as I knew there was no law preventing this.

But why do I write this post? I just read an announcement (in German) about a case in which a hotelier threw a politician out of his hotel because the guest was a known racist. The court approved that the hotelier was wrong. But this was just because the hotel already confirmed his booking before they threw him out. But in general the hotelier can refuse the guest without any reason.

So at Germany people are allowed to deny other (unprivileged) people to enter their property. However, the best way against those racist quotas is to avoid those clubs. I think the laws are OK. People should have more civil courage.


Dimitris an Pierluigi accommodated me at their rooms. Staying with both was very nice. With Pierluigi I usually tried to keep learning at the university or at my mate Metin and with Dimitris I was more and more at his room. So I was much more a pain in the ass than before.

When Pierluigi left I had to take some pictures in a rush of melancholic feelings. The letter he left was very moody. So I was instantly reminded of taking pictures.

Since I arrived at Stockholm back from Christmas at Germany, the snow had been always refilled. It was almost always on a certain level of 15 cm. So there had been a lot of shiny days with blue sky and snow-crystallised sparkling trees. The most lakes had an frozen surface probably and I was always sitting at home, learing, cooking meeting people at the kitchen or doing other things. Dimitris spent the most of the night with installing Matlab on his machine and  the next morning, when he was able to sleep longer, I woke up really early and made a lot of noise, because I went out to take pictures of the crystal surfaces everywhere.

One week before I left I got another new mate who settled at Saransh’s room. He introduced himself and gave us some nice packages of sweets – crystalised cherries (this is really kind, because it is a mess to make the suitcases fit the weight limits). He was the first Asian whom I was telling my strategies about how to cook rice.

I will be such a pensioner who sits next to the window and look after the passing people (Grizzling is already my hobby). So I attended Dimitris to look out of the window to see the impressive carpet of snow in front of our building. And coincidentially Jennifer came home – so I asked her to wait in the cold until I got the photo of her in the snow (-> gallery).

On Wednesday I finally had a much more spontaneous dinner with alomst everyone of my corridor mates. Coordination is not my profession, so I got muddled up to make Metin come to the dinner. However I still would like to come back to the corridor to make some tourism at Stockholm and meeting all the guys. Dimitris? Are you ready to accomodate me again (15th to18th in March)?

Update: Good news for me: I passed also my other math course – I got the mail today from my teacher. So finally my study results at Sweden are moderate in summary. I did not pass my Swedish course, so I can visit Stockholm again to pass it in April. 😉

Back to Bremen


Welcome from o2 Germany! To get help from your Customer Care – dial 200 as you do at home. Have a nice stay in Germany! (Welcome SMS on my Swedish SIM)

Skavsta looked pretty much like I left it in December (Leaving Sweden). Since more than a month the snow at Stockholm was constant on a certain level – as well as at Nyköping. Therefor the plane at Skavsta was covered by ice when it arrived – it had been flying through a cloud, the crew said.

During the whole flight I saw the sunset, because we were flying in south-west direction. It was an amazing view from my seat at the window in the back of the plane – I think in the back it feels much more like crashing on the bottom.

At Bremen it is always cloudy and rainy. So the plane had to pass thick fog when it entered the aerospace of Bremen. And when I left the plane it was raining. But I was welcomed by a very good friend and my girlfriend. And then we did what you are always doing at Bremen: Taking the tram!

Here are my recordings of the todays screaming at Lappis.

My favourite is the guy in the end who screams “too laaaaaaaate”.

Referring to this post.

Corridor nomad


If you are moving from room to room in your corridor, there are things to sense which are not noticed before. Actually I had the room with a door handle which is different from all the other in the corridor.

When I moved in to Pierluigi I moved from an north windowed room to a north-east windowed room with windows in the corner – but I was still not able to see the sunrise, because of the high neighbour buildings. The room was also smaller – what I did not notice without a being adviced of this fact. And the room was also a left hand room – like mine was.

It happens all over again that I want to take a spice from my closet and end up opening the door of my previous closet or take in hand to go back from the kitchen to my current room and end up in front of my old one.

I really have to thank Pierluigi to sustain me. I know that it is not even easy all the time and a little complicated to take care of the other person, not just because you have only one key to the building. The last days we have been usually three persons sleeping in one room, at the peak time four. It was really chummy and Pierluigi was a great host!

In the end Dimitris rescued Pierluigi from me and picked me and my matress up still when Pierluigi needed to arrange his things. Thankfully my other mate Dimitris hosts me at his room.

At Pierluigis bathroom I had a part in the closet, so I used to open the door to do the most things there – and it opened also to the same hand side. Now at Dimitris room I do not have a part of the bathroom closet anymore but still tend to open the door. And if it happens, then I am confused for the first moment that I opened the door and that it opens to the “wrong” hand side.

Finally Pierluigi left the corridor today. Even though I do not let on so much about that he left, it feels really empty everytime I stand in front of his door and notice that the room is empty and no Pierluigi inside of it anymore. But then I determine that I am just at fault. When I read the letter which he left us in the kitchen it felt much more aching. It was also a moment when I realised that this great time was even great because of him.

Tomorrow I will probably get the chance to arrange the date of my last exam. And this will also determine the date of my departure.

Yesterday we had our 3rd dinner together (the 2nd was our Christmas dinner). I did not feel in the mood for cooking and it was still the same about finding a recipe. I just thought “perhaps something with spinach”.

Ouaffa had already some bunches of spinach and wanted to do also spinach. She really likes German spinach and had a favourite recipe which she offered me after a few moments of research. Right before going to the supermarket, after making my shopping list, she stopped me: Her (parts of the) fridge (were/)was almost opening itself the door of the fridge by watching. So she made me “removing” her food.

Remark: Usually at Germany the spinach is served with boiled potatoes and a fried egg. (So this was what I also did.)

Actually the recipe resulted in spinach as I know it from my mother. So the Popeye times just began…


Popeye and the spinach. Source:

To be updated: The other dishes were: Risotto (Italy), spinach roles made from minced meat (France/Morocco), tomato keftedes (tomato slides) (Greece), marriage biscuits (China), Spinat [spinach] (Germany), chocolate cake (Mexico), jollof [major ingredients are rice and meat] (Ghana), Toblerone cream (Sweden).

Here is the recipe of the tomato keftedes (thank you Dimitris!): Recipe-tomato-slides. And here is one of the jollof:

Italian dinner


There is always a new parting. In the end of January also Pierluigi will leave. For him was no more university stuff to do since December. So he came just back from Italy to see more of Stockholm.

So on Wednesday we had an Italian dinner where he cooked for his friends. So the later the evening, the denser it was in our kitchen. So it was much more filled than it looks like on the pictures.

Pierluigi did some “Arancini” which were balls made from rice with a filling of ragù, peas and mozzarella (slurp!). He also served some penne with gorgonzola and Lasagne.