Seeding radish


It is spring, so the seeding time is starting and the dreams of seeding stuff in my room are blooming. Because my ex-mate and biology student had to receive a birthday present we had to arrange something. Those girls are always happy with some seeds and potting soil. Or just seeds.

Because no one of my mates arranged free time to join me, I went on my own.

Taking the tram to the next hardware store – this time no IT. After some minutes I got lost there with always new raising ideas from all the shelves to the left and right. After I had the present, I started buying for myself. Standing for hours in front of the shelf with the seeds, I was also able to observe an attempt to use the reciprocity rule: A sales assistant gave a small four years old boy with his father a 3 litres bag of potting soil as a gift. Unfortunately I did not get anything.

After paying the 40 and 20 litres bags of potting soil, plant containers and all the other stuff I bought, I put the most into my huge rucksack and tried to reach the next tram in the rain free gap (the Pierluigi version: in the snow free gap). So I started running when I saw the tram while I was carrying my 40 litres bag of potting soil. It must have been impressive: Some girls were conspicuously looking at me, talking to each other, smiling at me and the glances were following me. Since you plan to get the attention of an attractive female biology student, you mathematicians could grab some heavy potting soil, seeds and plant containers though. And use the engagement of the physical attractiveness rule. You just have to be shaved and being cultivated perhaps – but not necessarily. And appear with all the stuff in front of the biologist’s door.

So this is now the place where my green stuff will boost soon. And after a month I should be able to harvest the radish and seed some other stuff. There will be also some herbs which are already bought.

Update: Since I will have my plants soon, I do not need to open my windows anymore! What a great advantage. 😛

Update: Now the radish has sprouted after 3 days.


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