Oh there is still something to tell from Sweden. Besides my trip to Solna, Akalla and Kista – some suburbs of Stockholm or still districts of it – I was also with my study mate to Globen (

Globen is an arena with the shape of a sphere. It is actually the biggest spheric building on earth. Hence it is a must to visit. Unfortunately we were not able to enter without buying a 400 SEK expensive ticket for an ice hockey game.

To get to Globen you just have to take the green tunnelbana and get off at Gulmarsplan (There is also a little closer station called “Globen”).

There is also a souvenir shop at the arena which sells some higher quality merchandise. At the moment they are building a new football stadium next to globen. It is called “Stockholms arenan” or “Nya söderstadion” which belongs to Hammarby IF (This football club is not even the best Swedish one at the moment).

In the Sweden Solar System, a model of our solar system (scale: 1:20million), the Globen represents the sun – you can find the inner planets of the model also at Stockholm.

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BTW: Thank you all, dear corridor mates, for the nice dinner! And there is still another thing of which I am happy: The post card.

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