The last days of my semester at Stockholm


Dimitris an Pierluigi accommodated me at their rooms. Staying with both was very nice. With Pierluigi I usually tried to keep learning at the university or at my mate Metin and with Dimitris I was more and more at his room. So I was much more a pain in the ass than before.

When Pierluigi left I had to take some pictures in a rush of melancholic feelings. The letter he left was very moody. So I was instantly reminded of taking pictures.

Since I arrived at Stockholm back from Christmas at Germany, the snow had been always refilled. It was almost always on a certain level of 15 cm. So there had been a lot of shiny days with blue sky and snow-crystallised sparkling trees. The most lakes had an frozen surface probably and I was always sitting at home, learing, cooking meeting people at the kitchen or doing other things. Dimitris spent the most of the night with installing Matlab on his machine and  the next morning, when he was able to sleep longer, I woke up really early and made a lot of noise, because I went out to take pictures of the crystal surfaces everywhere.

One week before I left I got another new mate who settled at Saransh’s room. He introduced himself and gave us some nice packages of sweets – crystalised cherries (this is really kind, because it is a mess to make the suitcases fit the weight limits). He was the first Asian whom I was telling my strategies about how to cook rice.

I will be such a pensioner who sits next to the window and look after the passing people (Grizzling is already my hobby). So I attended Dimitris to look out of the window to see the impressive carpet of snow in front of our building. And coincidentially Jennifer came home – so I asked her to wait in the cold until I got the photo of her in the snow (-> gallery).

On Wednesday I finally had a much more spontaneous dinner with alomst everyone of my corridor mates. Coordination is not my profession, so I got muddled up to make Metin come to the dinner. However I still would like to come back to the corridor to make some tourism at Stockholm and meeting all the guys. Dimitris? Are you ready to accomodate me again (15th to18th in March)?

Update: Good news for me: I passed also my other math course – I got the mail today from my teacher. So finally my study results at Sweden are moderate in summary. I did not pass my Swedish course, so I can visit Stockholm again to pass it in April. 😉

2 Responses to “The last days of my semester at Stockholm”

  1. 1 Pierluigi

    Let’s go back and rock! =D

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