Leaving Sweden


Boarding at Skavsta airport. This is how it looked like when I left Sweden at the "Stockholm Skavsta" airport. Snowy and sweet.

Leaving Stockholm’s never easy! Since August 21st, I did not leave Sweden. I was much more enthusiastic to hug my girlfriend at the railway station at Düsseldorf – perhaps much more than my friend who was leaving with me together to Düsseldorf. I do not like Düsseldorf, because of their famous snobbishness, so I was yammering as Germans do… more as I do. However, the weather was sucking, the people did not speak Swedish as subconsciously expected and we were somewhere in the nowhere.


Leaving the plane at Weeze airport. Of course: Germany is foggy, rainy and sad. Even at the former military airport Düsseldorf Weeze.

How faked is this? The distance between Weeze and Düsseldorf is around 70 km and there are several other big town close to this airport? Why the hell do they call the airport Düsseldorf? This name is really an euphemism!

You cannot imagine how hard I was fucked up by all these security checks. My hand luggage was just finished at Skavsta while the security Swede just told me that she had to check my luggage again. Perhaps they have to do that if I say (in German) that I was lucky that they did not find my explosives. Of course she just started to make a mess inside my bag.

And do not believe that people at Germany are more kind: While I was taking some pictures in front of the plane they just started yelling after me that I should leave.

And then everywhere these Germans speaking no Swedish! Un-be-lieve-able!

But these were just the boring moments of leaving Sweden and arriving at Germany.

The best thing was still all the time the gladness to meet my girlfriend at the train for two hours. And to welcome her with flowers.

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